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"Your first taste of Heartland Cereal will seem familiar, as if you tasted it sometime, someplace long ago. As if, somehow, it's part of your past. Because it is. (We) have reached back, beyond today's complicated, artificial times, to bring back a taste that Americans enjoyed long ago."  These words are as true today as they were in one of our first advertisements in 1973.

The Birth of Granola

The need for granola came in the 1870's, when concern over the lack of fiber in our ancestors' diet, which caused gastrointestinal disorders, was expressed by doctors. The popularity of health spas (sanitariums, as they were called then) reached its zenith during the 19th century where they advocated a healthy diet, limiting meat, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and white bread. Dr. James Caleb Jackson operated the Dansville Sanitarium in Dansville, New York, and invented one of the first new foods developed to address their concerns…a crunchy wheat cereal called granola. Granola may have been a healthier morning option, but it wasn't particularly tasty or easy to eat. The cereal was comprised of dense bran nuggets which needed to be soaked overnight in order to be chewable...this was our first introduction to breakfast cereal…but breakfast has come a long way since then…

For All Generations

Fast forward to the 60's to the dawn of a new age, a new taste in granola and a desire for wholesome ingredients straight from the Heartland—rolled oats, raisins, almonds, molasses and cinnamon, too many to name. A new generation was rediscovering the Heartland. We were listening and are proud to have been one of the first national brands to acknowledge this renewed interest by introducing a "new" cereal called granola. People had begun to look at themselves differently, and the way they ate differently and we are still doing that today.

Throughout our 45-plus years in business, we have expanded our product line to include additional flavors and low-fat versions of our original granola cereal as well as including grains such as oat bran, steel cut oats and introducing granola pie crusts. But we have not strayed far from the original recipe.

At Heartland, we're committed to providing great taste and wholesome goodness in each and every bite of our products. Our products are made with the highest quality oats, whole grain and no artificial preservatives and, yes, we are certified kosher.

Heartland granola is extremely versatile…it is ready to eat straight from the box, enjoy it with your favorite yogurt or milk or try heating it up for added comfort on those cold mornings.  So come experience whole-grain goodness and old-fashioned flavor at its finest. 

"Taste the flavor of times long gone. In Heartland Cereal… You can't help liking it. Because you have a taste for Heartland." After all, we are America's Original granola cereal. 

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