Cindy - Waynesburg, OH

I have been trying to find a granola cereal that I could sprinke on top of my yogurt that didn't taste like cardboard. I finally found it! Your Original Granola Cereal is wonderful! My whole family says its the best. I only purchased one box, because I figured we wouldn't like it and end up throwing it out for the birds to eat, like we have on all the other brands that we tried. I went back to the store today and purchased the last three boxes on the shelf. I sure hope the store reorders! We eat it as a snack, too - dry, right out of the box! I send it in my daughter's lunch box and she always asks if I'm going to put it in her lunch for a snack. We give you three thumbs up from Mick, Cindy and Lia!! Crunchy, not too sweet

Natalie - San Antonio

My granola story: I lived in Texas for about 18 months while participating in a religious mission. When one of the people I worked with introduced me to Heartland Original Granola. I was doubtful, because I don't like 'healthy' foods - they tend to lack flavor. After my first bite, I was addicted! We had an alottment of miles for our car, but would save where we could, so we could travel on our day off, passing multiple HEB grocery stores to get to the one with this cereal. When I completed my service in Texas, I brought a box home with me. I have been back home from Texas for three years. I try new granola all the time in hopes to find something even a little bit close to Heartland Granola with no luck. I miss it in the mornings when I'm eating Cheerios, which gives me heartburn. I wish I had Heartland. I'm so glad I found your website! I was able to find out there are stores locally that I can purchase from. My day - my life is now complete. Where do I start? I love the texture, it doesn't tear up my mouth. It still has crunch after sitting in milk. The flavor is seductive. I know, who calls granola seductive... but I have dreams about this cereal!

Carol - Leesport, PA

I work with low-income families to teach Healthy Eating and how to stretch food dollars. Your Bulgur Wheat is a wonderful product. I would like to request money off store coupons that I could pass on to our students. We do a class on food planning and making thte most of their food dollars. I would like to pass on a coupon for your product, since we are encoraging high fiber diets - they would go along well with my program. My co-worker and I work with about 200 families per year.

Makenzie - Marietta, GA

My friend recommended the recipe on the side of thte Heartland Oat Bran - banana bran muffins. I made them and we LOVE them! We do change it to use canola oil and /or applesauce instead of butter to be a little bit healthier. But my local Publix stopped carrying the Oat Bran, so I have had trouble finding it anywhere, so we've had to switch to a new brand of Oat Bran (which I don't like as much). Lately, I've been eating the original Granola cereal with my morning yogurt and really like it! It is by far my favorite granola. In fact, it ends up that I have just a touch of yogurt with a ton of granola! My only complaints are the availability of the Oat Bran and my local store and it is a little expensive. Great taste!

Jose - Davie, FL

The first of your products that I tried was the Bulgur Wheat. I tried it because it was recommended in the South Beach diet - not your brand, the product. But since I've never tried it before, I started looking at all the different brands of Bulgur Wheat and honestly, I picked the Heartland, becuase it looked like it was the healthier out of all of them. And I loved it! Both the product and your brnad. I tried next the Granola cereal and I love it, too. Listen, I've never been the cereal type, but that granola cereal is great. GREAT STUFF!!!!! HEALTHY AND TASTY!! Can't get any better than that! By the way, how can I get my hands on some coupons? Do you offer any? Thank you and keep the best quality in the cereal aisle at my local supermarket.

Sharon - Jerseyville, IL

This pie crust has the best flavor and texture I've ever used. My family raved after eating. This is the first time I had ever seen this product. I made a banana creme pie. My family raved and it disappeared in one meal. I've certainly talked about the granola pie crusts to my friends and family.

Kelly - Muskegon, MI

I wanted to let you know I just love your raisin granola cereal. It is the best I have tasted! My mother got me hooked on it! Thank you for making such a great product. I was wondering if you could send me coupons. I would like to start eating healthier and this product is a way for me to do it! Thank you.

Alexis - Chicago

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I LOVE your granola. I bought it one day at the Marketplace in Chicago (it must have been on sale or something) and I will never buy another brand of granola again. It's the right amount of crunch for putting on my yogurt (without getting too soggy, like other brands) and the flavor is creamy with the perfect hint of spice. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I've also turned my co-workers on to Heartland as well:)

Erwin/Baton Rouge

This is the best cereal out there! I started eating it about two years ago and its all I eat for breakfast (except for the ocassional Cocoa Puffs treat). Thank you so much for making this! Your orginal granola is the best! But the low fat product is also tasty.

Angela/O'Fallon, MO

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I enjoy your granola cereal. I like to eat it for breakfast and include it in my baking projects. My kids love to snack on it. Thank you for providing a wonderful product.

Angela / Warren, MI

I love, love love the 'Original' Granola the most! No other brand even comes close to the wonderful taste of Heartland (velieve me, I've tried many!) And I always make sure I have a couple boxes in my cupboard, so I never run out! It's all natural - no artificaial ingredients :)

Jane / Warner, NH

My local grocery store has begun to supply your Heartland Steel Cut Oats, which made me switch from oats shipped from Ireland. I am more than satisfied. Will purchase Heartland from now on, since I try to have steel cut oats 3 days a week. Thanks from a misplaced Tenn. girl - Jane

Susan / Mobile, AL

I first tried Heartland from Fresh Market in NC in the late 70's and have been addicted ever since. I now know that part of the reason is the lack of transfats, but there is so much more to like about this granola and I cannot go for long without it. Please don't ever quit making it. My friends ease me because I like my Heartland with Half n Half... no soy, skim or yogurt for me...

Ben / Golden Valley, MN

Best granola cereal I've ever tasted. I can't stop eating it! Great taste and it's healthy, too. Ben

Connie / Houston, TX

I am a food scientist working for Lockheed Martin at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. We have been using your Heartland Original and Raisin Granola for years to support Space Shuttle and International Space Station missions. We purchase the granolas at a local grocery store and repackage with powdered milk in our hehydratable containers.

Jacqueline / Santa Barbara

I grew up in Michigan and as a child in the 60's, I remember my mother buyig this really great granola in a "yellow" box. I loved it and ate it for years...and then it disappeared. I would walk the cereal aisle thinking I missed it...in the years to come, I would continue to look for it...and felt bad it wasn't there, that somehow it got pushed out...I cherished the memory of eating the cereal...then last week, while visiting friends in Texas, I tried the local grocery store once again looking for granola...and hoping...but it wasn't there....I looked for something close and settled on Cascadian Organic...which is good...but not Heartlad...I don't knw what triggered me to remember the name, but this morning I did...Heartland and did a search...oh, my it is available...where can I buy it...and a rush of great memoried filled me...Great job...bring back Heartland across America...

Doug / Green Bay, WI

Heartland is the only pie crust that has no transfat in it and it is what i use to make my low-fat, sugar-free desserts, such as my pumpkin creme pecan pie.

Nancy / Chesapeake, VA

I love the original Heartland Granola Cereal, however, the store where I usualy buy it, has recently reset the store and now it is not available there. I will check at my local Harris Teeter store and hope I will find it there. As wonderful as this product is, it is hard for me to believe that all grocery stores don't stock it. I love the crunchy, chewy, wonderful taste.

Charley / Brunswick, GA

I bake numerous things in the graham cracker crust. It's really all-purpose for any sweet dessert. Banana nut bread is delicious in it. Once I figured out it can be baked in, the possibilities door is wide open. I have always spread it with an olive oil margarine before filling it. Blueberry-cinnamon-coconut pie and whatever is your favorite flavor...just wing it, then refine the flavors. I hope/encourage that you'll develop a similarly stable salty-style crust for those of us who prefer to bake healthy foods with next-to-no-mess. I'd longed for pie, but didn't want pie crust's health negatives. I don't plan to try the granola crust, as it may be harder to chew.

Judy / LaFollette, GA

Simply the best.

M. M. / Van Nuys, CA

The Original Granola Cereal is a quality product (and tasty too!) Each time I go to the store I buy whatever is on the shelf. I add fresh fruit to a bowl and that is my meal for the day. Thank you for such a quality product.

Rebecca / Westwood, MA

We've tried many types of granola and my husband likes your brand the best. (original)

Sunya / Washington DC

I have been eating Heartland Granola w/Raisins cereal since I was a child. I love the taste and so does my family. My husband had to change his diet and I introduced him to Heartland Granola. Heartland is the only Granola Cereal he will eat. Keep making the great cereal that I have loved since a child.

James / Round Rock, TX

I first had Heartland Granola in the early eighties, as a child. I did not see it all the time in all of the stores, but I never forgot about it. I was shopping at a local H-E-B Plus recently, and looked up on the shelf and there it was. You would not have believed my excitement! When I finally got back home and tasted it, it was just as I remember. Far better texture and taste than any other granola cereal I have ever had. Thank you and all the Heartland folks for producing superior products. Now that I know where to purchase your products, I will purchase them. The crunch is just right and it does not tear up your mouth, as other brands do. But the taste is the reason I enjoy Heartland. I like other brands, but Heartland Granola tastes far better.

William / Calloway, FL

This is the best tasting granola that I have found yet. I do not use it as cereal, reather I have it as a snack. By the way, I have it everyday! Great taste, but also a fair price.

Linda / Naperville, AL

Hello - Over the past year or so, I have made it a personal mission to study the experience of eating oatmeal in all forms (except instant). I've studied oat groats, steel cut oats, pinhead oats, rolled oats, quick cook oats, oat bran, porridge etc. I've included various nation origins, all cooking times, processing factors, etc., in search of the best-tasting, most nutritious, user-friendly oatmeal at a reasonable price point. Of all the oatmeals I've found, I've determined that yours is the best tasting, best package, best value, etc. I love seeing the whole grain logo on your box, love the fact that I can clearly read the best buy date prominently stamped on the TOP of the box, love that I can clearly see that it's stamped "Made in the USA". Also, the cooking instructions are clear, legible and make it easy for me to make 2 portions. Kudos to you for making available a wonderful product for a great price. Consumers need not be fooled by the claims and fancy packages of the imports and pay more than is necessary. We (you) do such a great job right here in the USA! In good health, Linda.

John / Riverside, RI

I buy the Heartland original Granola cereal. I don't know what you do to make your cereal so addicting, but I can't stop eating it. It is by far the best cereal I've ever had in my life! I think it's the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Not overpowering but just right! I've never had a cereal before that I loved so much that I would keep going back to get bowl after bowl. It's almost like I can't stop eating it. It's insane! Thank you for making such a great product! I Love it!!!

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